In these modern times, beauty is synonymous with youth, although it may not sound like the most logical idea. That is why facial rejuvenation is the order of the day, through a sea of options such as cosmetic products and procedures. The idea of a youthful appearance influences us without doubt in our daily life. Whether for personal or professional matters, we want to look acceptable and arouse admiration.

However, for this change to work out the best, it is necessary to know the facial rejuvenation options. It is important to know its advantages and disadvantages, as well as to recognize its true possibilities. facial rejuvenation tips

What kinds of facial rejuvenation does it exist?

There are several kinds of procedures that remove the signs of the passage of time and eliminate skin imperfections. The advancement of technology and science also continuously provide new options.

However, there are two types of facial rejuvenation that can be accessed, depending on the type of change you want to make and the budget you want to invest in it.

External facial rejuvenation treatments


These procedures are very non-invasive. The changes are made on the skin externally, with injections or with chemicals that modify its structure. Their results are immediate and that is why they are the most requested. The most common are:

  • Peeling
  • Botox
  • Mesotherapy
  • Pulsed light
  • Mesoplasty
  • Collagen injections


The problem is that these treatments have a limited duration on the skin. Many require numerous sessions before showing any results. To maintain their effects, they have to be renewed every four or six months, which becomes an important expense.

Surgical facial rejuvenation treatmentsfacial rejuvenation surgery


Although in plastic surgery there are numerous procedures to modify different parts of the face, one in particular is responsible for softening various features of the passage of time. Facial rejuvenation or rhytidectomy is the procedure that takes care of this in a single intervention.

This includes: correction of eyelids, definition of the face and toning of the cheeks. It can be done with local or general anesthesia and the patient returns the same day to his home.


As it is not necessary to leave aside that first one must take care of health, there are previous precautions and post- operative that are inevitable. These are indispensable to safeguard the patient’s health first and foremost. What is done is the following:

Preoperative Care

  • Complete clinical analysis by the surgeon, who must know the health status of the patients.
  • Give notice about the medication you use, so it can be identified if they can affect surgery, while eliminating supplements and minor medications.
  • Remove the cigarette as it may affect the patient’s breathing capacity during the procedure.
  • The surgeon must inform the patient of the possible risks involved in cosmetic surgery.

Post-operative Care

  • Avoid talking for the first 72 hours
  • Sleeping with a high pillow and only face up
  • Do not sunbathe for two weeks
  • Take only the painkillers recommended by the doctor for possible pains
  • Put cold compresses on the face
  • Withstand sensations of numbness in the face that pass after 15 days
  • You can return to daily activity 20 days after the operations

The right professional

In addition to all the preparations that must be taken before and after the operation, it is important that facial rejuvenation is performed by a highly reputed professional. It must have the corresponding accreditations and have the best recommendations.

For everything to go well, it is essential that this operation is carried out in a hospital or aesthetic center authorized. And it goes without saying that all these security conditions involve a lot of money. If you find yourself facing someone who makes a special offer, do not be impressed, as this can play your personal integrity.

Benefits Vs Risks

Given all of the above, it is worth reflecting on the alternatives for facial rejuvenation. While they may have acceptable results, they involve a health risk and a host of care that can disrupt the daily rhythm of life.

In addition, whether it is external treatments or surgeries, these have a high cost. It is what must be paid to access the most qualified professional. Not all pockets can afford them.

Fortunately, the current aesthetic has turned to look for natural alternatives, which provide a rejuvenated appearance, without having to go through the risks or the cost of the treatments we named before. It is the trend of a new style of beauty.

The benefits of natural

The skin can maintain its natural freshness through a healthy life. This should be accompanied by the use of specialized products and natural constitution. Both aspects make it possible to diminish the premature aging of the skin.

A healthy lifestyle on your skin

The vices of modernity, in addition to harming health, also provide a deteriorated epidermis. Cigarette, alcohol and any harmful substance, only detox it deeply.

That is why you must eliminate them from your routines and access a balanced and healthy diet. It also takes lots of water to remove toxins from your body and have a moisturized skin. Exercising is also vital for losing weight and toning your skin. All this helps to make your epidermis look in optimal conditions.

Natural and effective cosmetics

Of course, a healthy life does not satisfy everything your skin requires. You also need regular care so your physiology is optimal. As you may know, a cleansing, moisturizing and moisturizing routine makes the epidermis look great. And if is accompanied by this anti-aging care, much better.

It is best to use hat do not contain artificial elements. Ideals are natural products that provide complete ingredients to the skin. And in this, the best is the BellaVei Skin Care cosmetic kit.

BellaVei Skin Care for Face Care

This product line is currently the best option for having a naturally rejuvenated face. Its ingredients are 100% natural and pure, and have been selected based on the benefits it has on the skin.

The BellaVei Skin Care Kit has all the necessary cosmetics to provide complete skin care. It contains a facial cleanser that effectively removes greasiness and dead skin pore cells, and at the same time provides emollients that protect it.

It also has a moisturizing anti-aging cream that not only gives you moisture, but also provides part of the antioxidant elements necessary to reduce the signs of the passage of time. This is completed with its anti-wrinkle complex and its rejuvenating eye cream.

  • Increases wetting by 84% which is the principle of decreasing skin defects
  • Increases elasticity by 93% which provides a different complexion to the face
  • Reduces 65% of wrinkles naturally, which underlines this new type of beauty

Natural facial rejuvenation

You can do a rejuvenation of the traditional face if you have a lot of money and if you lack a career that cannot be interrupted for 20 days. But, as I said before, there are several risks involved in doing them this way.

However, if you have discipline and constant care you can have a beautiful and beautiful face. And for that you can help with the extraordinary BellaVei Skin Care creams. They are your best chance to access a natural beauty.


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