In the way of achieving an ideal rejuvenation there are many beauty procedures that are massively requested. The facial peeling is one of the most required, as it provides acceptable results to eliminate various defects in the skin that can only be a source of great insecurity. Before performing this procedure it is important to know its benefits and its side effects.

What is the facial peeling?


It is just an exfoliation technique that you can do in any medical-aesthetic center. This technique involves applying to the skin a substance to remove dead cells, this substance can be a chemical or simply the application of certain beams of light or lasers on the skin.

With this procedure, marks, spots and small wrinkles are removed and in this way we will be able to renew the superficial layers of the skin, looking a rejuvenated appearance.

What is the purpose of facial peeling?

This treatment is ideal if you want to eliminate skin blemishes that are caused by sun exposure, acne or blemishes that appear due to certain hormonal problems. The main thing is that it is a very efficient treatment to cope with wrinkles, improve the texture and tone of the skin, giving it luminosity to make it look like before.

The peeling is frequently used to reduce wrinkles, remove blemishes also correct blemishes such as the scars that suffer some people like deep acne. Its renewal of the skin redeems in rehydration of its structure.

What types of peeling are there?

This depends on the type of depth we want to achieve. We have a superficial, medium and deep peeling, and according to the technique used to perform the peeling we have the physical, chemical and mechanical.

  • The mechanic is made with rollers, brushes or sandpaper with micro particles such as stone or crystals, dermabrasion is one of the most frequent types of mechanical peels.
  • Chemical peeling is done by applying chemicals to the skin, usually acid products. Once this technique is applied it is possible that some crusts appear on the face, it is completely normal, do not remove them, but let them fall alone as it is when the tissue has completely recovered.
  • The physical peeling consists of applying a physical agent to reduce the most superficial layer of the skin. For example, the laser method can painlessly modify the collagen layers, because with the help of heat it is possible to achieve important changes without causing marks on the skin. It is very useful when used in people with a dark tint in the skin, since it penetrates the skin through a wavelength very beneficial for this type of pigmentations.

Is facial peeling an expensive treatment?

This depends on skin type; exfoliation level that you want to be achieved and professional do it. While it is not the most expensive treatment, because it may depend on several sessions, its price can be high for many pockets.

When do we know we may need a facial peeling?

When there are spots, wrinkles, acne or simply want to rejuvenate your skin, it is the exact moment you should perform a facial peeling. This can also be used if you want to remove marks or scars, sun, among other defects

Is facial peeling dangerous? Do you have any side effects?

Facial peeling is a safe treatment, as long as it is performed by a qualified person and follows all recommendations. However, certain side effects can occur as in any other type of treatment, among the most common side effects we have:

  • Infection: not very frequent, but can occur after a chemical peeling, with laser or dermabrasion.
  • Scars.
  • Color change: Laser treatments, dermabrasion or chemical peeling agents can permanently lighten the skin color.
  • Recurrence in skin lesions: certain skin lesions may reappear after chemical peeling, laser or dermabrasion.
  • Allergic reactions: it is very rare, but there may be certain allergic reactions to medications and agents that are used in chemical peeling, laser or dermabrasion.
  • Sunburn: some agents that are used in chemical peeling can favor sunburn.
  • The results may not be permanent: facial peeling may not fully improve or prevent future wrinkles on the skin.
  • Late recovery: recovery may take longer than expected.

To avoid suffering from any of these side effects it is very important that you pay attention and follow exactly the recommendations that the doctor or the specialist who will perform the treatment.

You can avoid this treatment if you use in your daily care the correct creams and use masks to make a deep cleansing of your skin. These cosmetics are natural, no side effects and provide a very effective revitalizing the skin. They also provide protective components and antioxidants dramatically reduce wrinkles. It seems to be the healthiest way to get young and healthy skin.


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