When I was a teenager and I saw that my mother applied a set of face creams, I did not understand why it was necessary to apply one cream after another. I even came to think of a plot of the greatest cosmetic companies that made women feel unhappy with their looks and made them spend money on all those products.

But when I became an adult, I understood that the skin is an organ and that as such it should be taken care of in order to make it work well. Of course, this also makes it look lush, lighted and rejuvenated.face cream

For this reason I consider it important to spread the word why you should use face creams. That is why women have used them, and for which men should do so.

The importance of cleanliness

One of the functions of the skin is to breathe. Through her pores she oxygenates and transpires. In this way, it impels impurities and renews itself naturally. And this is a common process in all skin types.

The difference is that greasy skins accumulate grease and the dry ones tend to present more scraps of the skin that is being renewed. The mixed ones tend to manifest both aspects in different circumstances.

The cleaning removes both wastes, and leaves the pores clean to renew more effectively. Each time it is done stain is removed and it is toned and illuminated. It is not enough to wash your face with soap and water. With this procedure some impurities are removed and the skin is dry. The cleansing lotions and creams fulfill the same function and if they are of quality, also soften it.

Hydration with face creamsface creams hidrate

The other factor that affects the skin is hydration. The same is lost with the passage of time. But this is more evident by factors related to lifestyle, such as: cigarette smoking, alcohol and environmental pollution.

These can cause wrinkles and other defects to manifest prematurely. Therefore, it is very important to hydrate it to maintain its freshness and also be able to overcome the inclemencies of the environment. Hydration may sound essential for dry skin. But it is also necessary for oily skin, since after cleansing it also requires hydration to balance its nutrients. Because of this, it is one of the face creams that should not be missing among your personal cosmetics.

Wetting with face creams

This sounds just like hydration, but it is actually another kind of care. The moisturizing consists in adding supplements that nourish the skin and soften it. They also form a protective film that invigorates your complexion and protects it from external factors.

No matter where you are in the world, your skin is exposed to environmental factors. In some parts of the world, the climate suddenly changes from day to day, which also causes changes in the epidermis.

Therefore, moisturizing is very important and is another care that you should not fail to provide your factions.

Anti-aging or anti-aging components

Of course, nobody likes to think that their skin requires these products, but the truth is that anyone from the age of 25 can benefit from their virtues. This is because free radicals also act on the skin, favoring the process of oxidation of the same.

As expected, this results in wrinkles that are a result of the passage of time. But they are also the ones that make them manifest in advance. Anti-aging face creams provide antioxidants that combat these factors and make the skin retain its freshness.

Toning ingredients

The passage of time also decreases the production of collagen that has the epidermis naturally. Consequently, it tends to loosen to reveal flaccidity. It is also another factor that favors the appearance of wrinkles.

In recent times, the two important ingredients which are considered to return the elasticity to the factions are:

  • Vitamin C, which promotes the formation of collagen
  • Phytoceramides, which equates the reduction of ceramides of the organism, which also increases its collagen level.

If you are looking to use face creams, these two are ingredients that should be included among the cosmetics you use.

A healthy lifestyle

Reaching a certain mature age, does not necessarily imply that a lot of wrinkles will emerge. As a nutritionist and cosmetologist, I have observed that there is a close relationship between a healthy lifestyle and a healthy and luminous skin, naturally.

That’s why I’m going to talk about some tips you’ve usually heard to lose weight and are healthy. But in this case I will detail the advantages they have also for the epidermis:

  • Eat vegetables and fruits: in addition to containing numerous nutrients, these also possess large amounts of vitamin C, which increases collagen in the body.
  • Drink plenty of water: it takes the toxins, and hydrates the body. This also includes the skin, which looks smoother and toned.
  • Exercise: this increases the circulation of the whole body, and makes it transpire. For the skin translates into cleansing and increasing its elasticity.

The use of high quality face creams

Finally, regular skin care requires the use of face creams. An average problem with these is that they are often made with artificial components that increase the risk of allergic reactions.

The solution is to use products that contain natural ingredients that do not cause any problems in the epidermis. This has led to the emergence of cosmetic lines with the proposal to cover this need.

The one that best meets these requirements and provides great results are the BellaVei Skin Care line. They provide the skin with everything it needs and combine to give it its tonicity and elasticity. They are the most complete products for the care of your factions.


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