Getting sick and not feeling up to par seems to just be a way of life these days, when we stumble across someone who doesn’t get sick too often, we often ask what is their secret. Often it is because they accepted a more holistic approach to healing themselves such as using aromatherapy.

Most of us have suffered from occasional back pain, headaches, migraines or sinus infections. Often these are caused from an imbalance in our body. Aromatherapy helps to cure you have these aliments and strengthening your immune system.

But what is aromatherapy and how does it work?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils such as peppermint, bergamot or lavender that is inhaled to treat a specific health issue or to improve your mood. But there is a science behind using aromatherapy. If the essential oils are incorrectly combined they can actually worsen your symptoms.

Also, there are many counterfeit essential oils on the market, make sure you buy from a reliable company that actually sell pure essential oils and not just a fake essence added to a carrier oil such as grape seed oil. Aromatherapy is used in a infuser that is designed to lightly infuse the aroma into the air, being absorbed when inhaled or lands on your skin. Here are some of the benefits from regularly using essential oils for aromatherapy:

Zero side effects: Just open your medicine cabinet and read the label for your migraine medicine, menstrual cramps or whatever is closet, read the long list of side effects such as liver failure, vomiting, depression and on and on. Essential oils when used correctly have zero side effects. Most oils can be inhaled and only a few can be directly applied to the skin. Plus, keep the oil from coming into contact with your eyes.

Treats almost every aliment: For example: peppermint oil is used to treating headaches, nausea and giving you a much needed energy boost. Lavender oil is used to reduce stress and anxiety, plus it can treat burns or cuts. Bergamot oil helps reduce symptoms caused from depression. Frankincense improves concentration and memory, while giving your immune system a boost. The list goes on and on.

Its one hundred percent natural: As mentioned before not all essential oils are made equally, some are made with chemicals or fillers. Just take your time and investigate to make sure you are getting the real deal before purchasing. Your product will only work as good as the product you have.

Aromatherapy can be your secret weapon to having a healthy lifestyle; the question is will you have an open mind to give it a try. Let aromatherapy help you get in your body in balance again.


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