We all want a perfect face, but no matter how much we love it, it’s impossible. The human being is full of imperfections and asymmetries and we must learn to accept ourselves and love us that way. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we do not try to diminish those defects that can annoy us, as for example the spots in the skin. For this problem there are thousands of depigmenting creams that attack these spots effectively.depigmenting creams natural

The main factors involved in the appearance of spots on the skin are:

  • Drastic hormonal changes such as pregnancy
  • Do not use sunscreen
  • Side effects of taking the contraceptive pill
  • Misuse of beauty products
  • Poor feeding
  • Use of cosmetics with alcohol
  • Allergic reaction

These are the most common factors for the appearance of blemishes on the skin, whether light or dark. To solve this problem there are depigmenting creams. These face creams are responsible for matching the natural color of your skin and give uniformity to your tone.

To use these creams you must read the instructions carefully and follow them with precision, otherwise than to solve your problem, it can be aggravated.

Most of these depigmenting creams are used at night and should be removed with plenty of soap and water in the morning, so that it does not damage or further stain your skin with the sun’s rays.

One of the most effective depigmenting cream is called Bellavei and its natural components are safe, non-drying and really works.

Although the Bellavei product line is designed to care for and nourish the skin, one of the benefits it offers is to match the natural tone of the skin, to minimize the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles on the face.

If you want to opt for a homemade depigmenting cream, here I give you three completely natural effective and invigorating masks.

Creams and home depigmenting remedies

Honey and cinnamon mask

Honey is a very effective moisturizer and cinnamon a powerful antioxidant. It also has strong lightening power. Apply it with care and caution not to suffocate with its strong and penetrating odor.

Before applying it all over your skin, do an allergy test on the back of your arm, placing a little of the preparation. This will ensure that you have no adverse reaction to cinnamon, which can be a bit dangerous.

Parsley and vinegar tonic

Mix 4 tablespoons vinegar with one of parsley and let stand for 24 hours. You can apply it at night, after doing your usual cleaning routine.

Remove it in the morning with plenty of water and a bit of neutral soap. Do not use it by day, as it can accentuate the spots rather than lighten them

Aloe vera

Apply a little aloe vera gel in the stained area, this you can do twice a day. You can apply it, let it dry and then use your makeup on a regular basis.


Apply the chamomile compresses to the stained areas, over time your skin will regain its natural and even tone.

Yogurt mask

Apply a mask on your face and let it dry for the necessary time, repeat this routine for a month and you will see spectacular results.

Lemon to erase blemishes

A drop of lemon on each stain will make it clear. But be very careful, you can only do it at night and wash very well in the mornings.

Cucumber and parsley

Blend half cucumber with 5 tablespoons parsley and apply as a tonic every night. Do not use it by day, as it can generate new spots.

What you should notice when you have spots

It is important to be aware of the type of blemishes you have on your skin. If they bite or hurt in any way, you should go directly to a dermatologist and find out that they originate.

On the other hand, if the stains persist to the treatments and depigmenting creams that you have tried, then you should also go to a trusted doctor. Our health is more important than any symbol of beauty. Do not worry if you have some spots.

Important note:

If the spots appear during pregnancy, do not rush to use depigmenting creams. Simply leave and nourish your skin constantly. Since this type of blemishes usually disappear about 5 months after delivery. You can use a foundation with high coverage like Dermacol if you can.

During pregnancy our hormones are not working on a regular basis, it is normal for chemical imbalances to occur and such changes occur.

When I had my son I had spots on my skin and I lost a lot of hair. Let’s say that pregnancy did not give that “special glow” that many mothers talk about. But the important thing is to give the body time to recover after having a baby. If these brands persist for a long time, seek professional help as it has a solution.


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