Like any other woman, I love to have always a beautiful, shiny and shaped hair. I want to look my best all the time. So much so that I decided to test some of the curling tools available. I started with a great question in my mind: What should be the best curling wand for my hair?

However, before going any further into my research I set up to answer the million dollars question. What is the difference between curling wand and curling iron?curling wand vs curling iron

After some comparison, I found that the differing details are on the shape and clamp over the hot iron. Hot irons clamp your hair around the tube, whereas curling wands leave a much more natural kind of curls on your hair.

Hot iron with clamps are a bit more difficult to control in terms of pressure, so we may end up with curls looking a bit flat. Curling wand come in a variety of sizes and thickness, so you can choose to have a small tight curl to a looser curl. You control the ideal time to your hair and can check the instant results. While using a hot iron with a clamp it would be necessary a bit more work and attention.

The weight is also a factor. A wand may be light and easy to maneuver around your hair, hot iron could weight a bit more and at the end of your time in front of the mirror, you end up with a forearm workout, if not a very sore muscle.

I know this is a tough question because in order to make up our minds we must take in consideration some features like durability, thickness, practicality, speed and how these tools worked in my hair. The result? A world of options. Every product enjoys its place and circumstances; the cheap and practical ones are for those who want to avoid investing much money; the medium ones if you have an extra little money and look for quality; and the most expensive ones for those who look for effective results.

What is the best way to curl you hair?

Since we are in the mood for questioning I though it wouldn’t hurt to just throw in another one and try to address the issue of getting a nice hairstyle and at which price! I can speak for myself, so I would love an extra hour of deep relaxing sleep in the morning. And if I could get rid of all that morning drama before going to work, that would be the icing on the cake!

The alternative to any method these days is always a natural one. We are exposed to so many damaging factors that a hot iron every day to style your hair is not the best way to protect your follicles. Pollution and harmful chemicals also play a role on the damaging affects you have to face. So, in our humble opinion we could benefit from a more natural approach.

When we want to curl our hair without the use of hot irons and curling wand we can rely on an ancient practice. We are talking about the good old reliable bobs our grandmother used to wear on her head all the time. They were those rollers on top of granny’s head.

Sleep Styler Rollers (like this) decided to offer to every woman concerned with the health of her hair, a natural alternative without any side effects, no risk, no chemicals, no heat and no damaging routine.

Sleep Styler Rollers can be applied to a damp hair. They are soft foam rollers with absorbing properties. Your hair will dry and in the morning, the curls will be formed when you unroll and run your fingers through nicely done hairstyle while you were sleeping.

They are an updated version of an African practice from native women when they wanted to style their hair on a look called bantu knots. A series of mini buns done all over the head and after eight hours they will be ready to be taken off, leaving nice looking curls. The interesting thing is that bantu knots, while waiting for the hair to dry, they can be in itself an attractive hairstyle.

There you have alternatives before you to style your hair in a more natural way, as well as using a curling wand to do the work for you. No matter which way you decide, the most important thing remains the health of your hair. We have presented the facts, however the final decision is yours. Remember, that not deciding is also a decision. So, be wise and beautiful!


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