Do you hate paying full price for something you know is going to be on sale in a few days? Skip the hassle of long lines, grumpy clerks at over-priced and crowded department stores this Christmas season, by shopping online for the best Christmas clearance offers.

The last few years, department stores have been trying to encourage shoppers from coming to their shops as it means higher costs for them with staff and security during the busy holiday season. So even before the Christmas shopping craze is over they are already offering amazing Christmas sales.

Interesting enough, for you fashion divas out there, the biggest price markdowns during Christmas time is on fashion items such as clothes, shapewear, intimate wear and shoes. Often, these items see a major decline on sales during this time period, leaving the stores with too much merchandise.

How to find the best Christmas discounts

There are a few ways to make sure you are getting the best Christmas discounts for your dollar. Here is everything you need to know about finding deals on fashion items but without wasting your time.

Check deal websites

We are sure that you have heard about Groupon and love the $10 gift certificates for Starbucks that only cost $5. But there are several websites that show you the best discounts available at the moment. Check Slickdeals or Gotta Deals for today’s best Christmas sales.

Fill up your shopping cart

Go to your favorite website, sign into your account and put the items that you’re interested in purchasing in your shopping cart. Then close your browsers and sit back and wait a day or two.

The store will be notified that you are interested in those items, but somehow lost interest in following through the purchase. So they will send you an email with a coupon or some kind of promo to entice you to buy the item.

Check out Twitter

Many of the Christmas discounts are announced via social media such as Twitter. Serious bargain shoppers create a separate twitter account just to follow their all-time favorite online stores to get the best sales; this helps to avoid your account from being fed too many deals.

Bookmark all of your favorite brands

Bookmarking your favorite brands or websites will help you locate their webpage more quickly to check they’re updated clearance items or promos that you might have missed. Sometimes you will be surprised to see that those shoes you have been eying have suddenly been reduced to 90% less.

Erase your browser’s history

Websites are designed to offer discounts and promos to new customers as incentive for them to take the splurge and close the deal. Bargain shoppers recommend creating a false shopping profile to trick vendors into thinking you are a new customer. Or if that sounds too challenging, just dedicate one browser such as Chrome or Firefox for shopping, just make sure to clear your cookies each time.

Boxing Day sales

After Christmas, our friendly northern neighbor, Canada has their version of Black Friday but it is called Boxing Day. With the low exchange rate for our strong American dollar, the sales make Christmas clearance sales to be an even bigger bargain, plus you can take a few days after to go skiing at one of their amazing ski resorts. Just watch out for customs, you are only allowed $800 duty free.



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