How to discipline these sublime curls that everyone envy but which complicate your life? To take care of your curly hair, to sublimate and tame the beast, here are 5 tips to integrate into your hair routine.

1* Appropriately feed your curls

Curly hair tends to be drier and needs daily care. The golden rule to take care of your curls is to focus on nutrition. More fragile and dry, curly hair requires to be hydrated. So we choose nutritious care shampoos specially designed for curly hair, and apply serums and moisturizing care. However, try to limit shampoos to one or two a week.

2* Choosing the right tools for drying

To discipline your hair, you carefully choose your tools. For brushing, use either a very wide round brush or large rollers, heated or velcro. We spray a little spray treatment to facilitate the blow drying and only half hair is dried, with a hair dryer diffuser tip. This last one makes it possible not to insufflate too much volume with the hair and to better tame your capillary mass. Then work your curls with the round brush or rollers before styling (possibly) with a wide-toothed comb.

3* Store the brush in the cupboard

No question of brushing your curls, at the risk of finding yourself with a crazy mane, worthy of Hermione in the first tomes of the Harry Potter saga! In the morning, in order to tame your hair, rewet your locks and detangle them with your fingers or with a coarse tooth comb. This will allow you to loosen your loops before re-disciplining them at best.

4* Optimize the night to sublimate your curls

To better tame your curly hair, enjoy the night. If possible, sleep on a satin pillow, which will limit friction with your hair and leave it smoother. To preserve beautiful curls, style your hair with a braid or twists, for the night. When you wake up, your hair will have a beautiful texture and a beautiful natural ripple. If you make a care mask, leave it if possible to rest all night for it to penetrate well.

Sleep styler is an appropriate tool at doing this. This tool dry and style your hair while you sleep. Featuring soft memory foam core rollers with a fast drying microfiber material that wraps around your partially dried hair, giving away to soft beach waves or straight hair in the morning. Sleep Styler lets you wake up every morning with beautifully styled hair. It saves time while achieving beautiful waves or straight hair while you sleep. This will let your hair partially dry, and wrap hair around the rollers and enjoy a good night’s sleep to achieve a stylish look.

5* Choose the right care to style and tame your curls

It is necessary to choose the most suitable care for your lioness mane. To give more elasticity to your curls, make loop enhancers. They will be more defined and plumper. Once a week, make a care mask that will nourish your hair in depth. If possible, do not rinse your mask completely on the lengths, this will allow you to better protect your curls from external aggression. If you use sculpting foams, mix a few drops of moisturizing serum to mix care and styling product.


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