About Us

The iJoobi Team is composed by professional editors and marketers experienced in different areas of health, beauty and fitness.

We only seek for stories which provide information so that you can improve your life by changing your habits. We are not the protagonists of the stories, YOU are. We seek, read, interview and publish stories of people who bought the products that are trending on the Internet.

Although our work is thorough, you should be aware that under no circumstances we will give advice that replace the visit to a doctor. If you have health issues, you should see a doctor. Anyway, our articles will serve to reach a state of holistic health by improving your habits and lifestyle.

What is our mission?

We aim to inspire you to reach a state of maximum health and well-being. Being the best version of ourselves is not a joke or a cliche quote for us.

Browse our categories and check the articles in them to begin undertake this trip to a better life!

About the Products and Supplements

On the Internet, not all recommended products and supplements are what they claim to be and not all the websites have reliable information. We created iJoobi to change this situation: our goal is to be a trustworthy source of information.

First of all, you can be sure that all the supplements exposed on iJoobi have been tested in first place by the laboratories that made them, and also by the reviewers of this website. So, you will notice that the links of our site will take you to the official pages of the supplements. But, we want to make clear that we don’t have any relation with their manufacturing company.

About the products, we have recently opened an e-shop in our website. We only publish reviews about quality products and we try to recommend the best to our audience. If you have any problem with the products of our e-shop, you can contact the customer service team (down below, chat is attended by real people)

What do we look for in products and supplements?

– Good quality

– Good technical support

– Evidence and testimony from those who have tried them

iJoobi only wants to help you receive the best product in the market saving you hours of research.