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Back Support Brace

How Using a Back Brace Helped Me Relieve My Chronic Back Pain

Did you know that over 31 million adults in the United States suffer from back pain? It’s not surprising when we think about our lifestyles and lack of attention to posture. As a culture,...
Natural male enhancement

Male Enhancement Products to Make You a Stud in the Sheets

Men can face many problems when trying to have a pleasurable and dynamic sexual life. When talking about sexual prowess in men, the popular picture as that young men are always virile while it...
sleep pregnant

You CAN sleep like a baby while pregnant

Many people consider being pregnant to be one of the most difficult things in life. But for those of us that have been pregnant we can honestly say that life’s biggest challenge is learning...
pregnancy back pain

How I relieved my Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain and lower back pain during pregnancy are common, normally beginning in the second trimester. The reason being is that your baby is growing and that is good news, but these backaches can...
what is the insomnia

Insomnia: 5 Things You Can Do About It

Insomnia is a complex condition because many things can throw off our natural sleep/wake cycles. Also, not everyone responds in the same way to different techniques that are used to reestablish a healthy cycle....