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about Eucerin Cream

Some things you did not know about Eucerin Cream

Our complexion needs special treatments. It is our cover letter and we want it to always look healthy and radiant. This requires attention and care, one of the creams that have the most international...
Moisturizing creams

How necessary are moisturizing creams?

Moisturizing creams are formulated to regenerate and nourish dry skin, whether due to excess sunlight, poor nutrition, or simple genetics. Keeping ourselves hydrated is a health issue. At least 8 glasses of water should...
depigmenting creams

Depigmenting creams: the key to a perfect face

We all want a perfect face, but no matter how much we love it, it's impossible. The human being is full of imperfections and asymmetries and we must learn to accept ourselves and love...
home facial rejuvenation

Home facial rejuvenation: look young, without leaving your house

A fresh, radiant and rejuvenated skin is the ideal of beauty to which we are all exposed. The passage of time, exposure to sun rays, poor diet, cosmetics and hormonal changes cause our skin...
what radiofrequency is

Discover What Radiofrequency Is, How It Works and Its Benefits

If you are concerned about the expression lines on your face, you should know that it is completely normal, especially if you get used to frowning. Even so, there is a new much sought...